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What is Mitra Netzme?

Netzme partners are individuals or businesses that join Netzme to use their platform for various digital transactions. As a partner, you can enjoy the services and conveniences offered by Netzme in terms of payments, money transfers, and other digital financial services. Managing your business becomes simpler, more efficient, and more practical.

Key Features


Easily obtain detailed transaction reports from all branches of your business without any hassle.


Without wasting time, monitor the performance of each of your business branches so that the analysis can be used for future marketing strategies.


Without limits, you can withdraw your income to multiple accounts at once.


Without administrative fees, you can withdraw your money to any bank account.

The best solution for your business

We provide solutions to facilitate your business, especially in digital transactions

Quick and responsive help center

If you encounter any difficulties, QRIS partners will immediately receive assistance at that time.

Business becomes easier to grow

One QR Code for multiple types of payments! Make your business more flexible by accepting payments from both bank and non-bank electronic money issuers.

As a monitoring tool for business performance

In just one dashboard, QRIS partners can check the performance of all branches of their business anytime and anywhere.

Reducing the chances of fraud

By minimizing cash transactions, your business can avoid the possibility of money laundering or circulation of counterfeit money.

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